Incident Response

Asher Heimermann, Incident Response Photographer

Asher Heimermann is the founder of Incident Response. Since 2012, he has been capturing images of real heroes. He had a vision of a media outlet dedicated to covering public safety in Southeast Wisconsin. An outlet that solely exists to document first responders and the incidents they respond to. In June 2012, at age 18, Heimermann launched the concept known today as Incident Response.

Photography of public safety efforts is of immense importance. Unfortunately, many agencies do not have the means of employing personnel to carry out this function. As such, Incident Response offers departments the ability to use photos and videos from scenes for reports, training and other purposes at no charge.

The mission of Incident Response is to promote public safety through photography while supporting the efforts of law enforcement officers, firefighters and first responders.

Visit for more information about Incident Response and visit to learn more about Asher Heimermann.

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